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Wikileaks Bahnhof Hosting

We've a recent influx of web hosting terms looking for Bahnhof Web Hosting, this is due to the new photos that were taken of the hosting data centre. The photos were shown as the wikileaks hosting centre, although this is actually a shared hosting centre in which we have servers too. Described as the 007 James Bond styled data centre.

This picture shows why you'll want to be hosting your websites here
backup submarine engine
as having these 2 submarine engines as backup generators (and a 1.5 mega watt cooling system), your sure to have constant power and up time! Remember to select the Bahnhof Hosting centre in Stockholm, Sweden when purchasing under sign up.

Submitted by , Spencer
Key Space Hosting on Fri, 17 Dec 2010 12:48:58 +0000

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