Key Space Hosting Domain Registration

Registering a domain name with Key Space Hosting is easy. If you have not registered a domain before we suggest you read through this quick document first to help you choose the right domain.

Firstly choosing the right domain name to register is vital to the success of your website, and maybe your business.

So we advise you to keep your domain name related to your website content and/or your business if you have one. It is very important to keep your domain name easy to remember and short about 2 to 3 words maximum. Keeping your name the same as your content also helps search engines recongnize your website e.g, would suggest to the search engine that your website is for car sales.

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To optimize your site domain for search engines it is also a good idea to buy You also should consider the TLD extension such as for UK domains and .com for Commercial, .org for Organizations (non profit) when you register your domain.

Always remember these points when registering a domain whether it be for a hobbysite, big or small company / business.

There are alot of SEO techniques to use on your site domain like buying domains that maybe a user would browse to if he/she had made a spelling mistake.

Our domain prices are competitive and we would like you to take our advice and register a domain. It is even worth buying a domain name if you dont yet have hosting as in a few days it could be taken from the ever growing internet!

We will be updating you with important news on domains and much more.