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New Mobile Web Hosting Control Panel

After months of extensive testing and interface adjustments, we have finally released the mobile version of the Web Hosting Control Panel.

From now on, mobile users will be automatically redirected to the brand new phone-friendly Control Panel interface.

What’s different about the new mobile interface?

As you know, the original Control Panel is jam-packed with tools and features that cover the needs of both beginners and advanced users.

To make this full-featured interface fit into a smaller phone screen, we had to filter out about 30% of the available controls.

We needed to weigh out all the functionalities in the Control Panel’s arsenal and pass only the phone-applicable ones on to the mobile version.

It took us months of testing and tweaking to find the right set of features and to make sure that no handy control capable of ‘speaking the mobile language’ is left behind.

As a result, you as a website owner will get all the crucial site management controls, wrapped in a lightweight, mobile-user-friendly foil:

What are the main sections of the mobile version of the Control Panel?

On the mobile index page, you can get instant access to all major sections via several quick icons – Domains, Emails, Files, FTP, Databases, Apps, Advanced and Stats.

Here is a quick overview of each one of them:

Domains – the mobile Domain Manager

In contrast to the desktop version where Registered Domains and Hosted Domains are standalone sections, here they are subsections of the Domains section.

By clicking on the Registered tab, you can see all the domain names that you’ve registered or transferred so far:

Icons will inform you of their registration status, as well as of their expiration date:

To manage a domain, just click on it and you’ll see a list of all the applicable controls (Edit DNS settings, Edit Whois, Redirect domain, etc.):

By clicking on the Plus icon in the top right corner, you can quickly register a single or multiple domains.

The streamlined domain registration wizard will look like this:

By clicking on the Hosted tab, you can see a list of your hosted domains, as well as icons indicating their DNS and SSL status:

To see all the available hosted domain controls, click on the red arrow:

Here is how the Edit host management panel will look like on your mobile phone:

Like in the Registered subsection, to add a new hosted domain, click on the Plus icon.

Here is how the simplified Add host interface will look like:

Emails - the mobile Email Manager

The Email Manager in the mobile version of the Control Panel will give you the controls that you’ve already grown used to.

You can quickly create a new mailbox, edit an existing one, add email filters, set up email forwarding, etc.:

Files - the mobile File Manager

File management is essential for any website owner. This is why, we’ve incorporated most of the features offered by the regular File Manager into the Control Panel’s mobile version.

This way, you can upload a new photo, quickly edit a file, copy a folder, move a website from one directory to another, and much more:

Databases - the mobile Database Manager

Database management is just as important as file management, since today almost every website has a database working silently behind the scenes.

We've implemented all the controls offered by the regular Database Manager in the Control Panel’s mobile version, so that you can have full control over all your databases from any location:

FTP - the mobile FTP Manager

Like in the desktop version of the Control Panel, you will have full control over all your FTP accounts and you can quickly create a new FTP account whenever you need one.


App installation is as fast as it is with the regular App Installer. Again, no setup will be required from you – simply point where you want the new app to be installed and enter the admin username and password – we will handle the app installation and the database setup for you.

PHP Config

The fully featured PHP Configuration section allows you to quickly change the PHP version for your account or to make quick changes to the php.ini file. More advanced options will be added in the following months.


You can check what is going on with your websites in real time – how many visitors you have, where they came from and how they got to your website. We have several updates planned for the Stats section, so stay tuned.

General navigation controls

You can easily navigate between the separate sections. No matter which section of the Control Panel you are in, you can click on the Sandwich menu in the top left corner of the screen and select the section you want to jump over to:

Using the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen, you can manage your account settings.

You can easily edit your account owner details or change the current password:

NOTE: Please keep in mind that the new version of the Control Panel is optimized for mobile phones only. For now, tablet users will be redirected to the desktop version. We’re planning to launch a special tablet version too, so stay tuned.

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